Ghost Pirates Slot

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    Ghost Pirates is a revolutionary video slot from NetEnt. With compelling graphics and a dark, m­yst­erious atmosphere, this free version of Ghost Pirates gives players a truly immersive gaming­ ­exp­eri­ence. In addition, players won’t have to worry about near hits. The slot allows players to win 243 ways, rather than using set paylines. As long as symbols are in succession from left to right at any position on the reel, the payline wins. Ghost Pirates simply gives slot lovers something different to try.

    To set your bet, first choose your coin value in the bottom-left. Players may select any value from just €0.01 up to €0.50 per reel. Since Ghost Pirates does not use a conventional payline system, players are able to get a massive amount of ways for significantly less. Once you’ve selected your coin amount, choose how many full reels to play (the Bet Level). The paytable illustrates how many ways each Bet Level offers players to win.

    Spin either by using the green circle button with arrows, or by using the Max Bet button to spin all five reels at the selected coin amount. As anchors, legendary pirates, and mystical treasures fill the reels, you can expect to see a massive number of wins compared to most other slots. Ghost Pirate­s’s­ ­adv­ent­urous theme and unique set-up make it a slot worth trying out.

    Game Play

    Coin Value: Choose your bet denomination.
    Bet Level: Choose how many full reels to play.
    Green arrow button: Spin the reels at the selected bet.
    Max Bet: Spin all five reels fully at the selected coin denomination.