Football Stars Slot

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    Get ready to play one of the most interactive video slots in the world. In Football Stars, you pick your teams and watch them duke it out on the reels. Give this sporty slot a try on our website for free. If you’re interested in playing for real money, just sign up at any reputable Playtech casino to get started.

    Before you start the match, you have to do a little set-up. Start by choosing the two teams that will face each other in the game. You can change this later at any time by clicking the Change Team button under the flags on the upper corners of the screen. Press the Click to Change button on the bottom-left to pick your coin denomination. Use the Bet Per Line button to adjust the coins wagered on each line. Press Lines to adjust the number of active paylines. When you’re ready to begin, push Spin, or use Bet Max to bet 10 coins on all 15 lines. You may also use the Auto Start feature to play several times in a row without interruption.

    The intense match of Football Stars can yield several special bonuses and features. The actual structure of the game is very intriguing. The first team’s symbols pay left-to-right and the second team’s symbols pay right-to-left, making the reels much like a football field. Non-team symbols pay both ways. Any combination of players from the same team (called a mixed pay) pay in threes or more, but the wild symbol will not substitute for a mixed pay. With a free games feature and a sporty Pass the Ball bonus, Football Stars is an impressively designed online slot game.

    Game Play

    Click to Change: Pick your coin denomination.
    Change Team: Choose your team for that side.
    Bet Per Line: Select the number of coins to wager on each line.
    Lines: Change the number of active paylines.
    Spin: Start playing at the selected bet.
    Bet Max: Start playing with a bet of 10 coins on all 15 lines.